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Democrats to keep including illegal immigrants in census data.

November 6, 2009 Leave a comment

…and the spin from the left was undeniable before this took place.

If Vitter were successful — and if non-citizens were excluded from the census count for congressional apportionment — states with fewer immigrants would fare significantly better in the upcoming allocation of House seats.

Yes, how dare those legal citizens demand more say in their government than the standing army of illegal immigrants! What right do they have to demand that? La Raza deserves more influence. They should just shut up and let the government do what it needs to do. I mean, we need more pro-amnesty “representatives” in congress. Then we can get more people voting….

This is not unexpected. While some people will tell you, “just because they’re counted doesn’t mean they get a vote,” the truth is it will cause some votes to count more than others. If a blue state with 10 representatives has more illegal immigrants than a red state with 10 representatives and you end up counting those illegals, you now give the blue state more say in the federal government. True states like Texas would benefit, but so would California and swing states like New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Florida and Nevada and the representatives they send would likely be Democrats.

Districts are determined by population and if you have a Democrat-leaning district (as is likely with low-pay areas) with enough illegal immigrants then you must redraw the district lines. Possibly splitting that district in two or having parts merge into other districts, effectively marginalizing the parent district’s voters. Districts MUST be equal in population, so illegal immigrants can influence the vote without ever casting a ballot.

According to the Constitution of the United States, this decennial census has one fundamental purpose: to ensure that number of seats each State has in the U.S. House of Representatives reflects the relative size of the State’s population as compared with other States. Currently there are 435 representatives divided among the 50 States. Each of these representatives is elected by the voters of a congressional district, defined as an area established by law for the election of representatives to the U.S. Congress. Each congressional district is to be as equal in population to all other congressional districts in the State as practicable, based on the decennial census count.

To continue this practice is nearly treasonous. What other country gives their illegal immigrants a drivers license and welfare, instead of pinstripes and handcuffs? Of course, why not give them a silent vote too?

The borders need to be closed and businesses who employ them should be prosecuted. Politicians who dangle the amnesty carrot and pander for votes instead of advocating principles are complicit in every crime committed by these criminals.

How many Dani Countryman’s and Adrienne Shelley’s will it take?