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New York Times may want to reconsider who contributes articles….Nah, it fits their agenda.


Foot Soldier

Partisan hack Ruy Teixeira, unleashed this horrendous denial of reality upon an unsuspecting public.

TO hear Republicans tell it, Tuesday’s elections, in which their candidates captured the governorships of Virginia and New Jersey, were a repudiation of President Obama and indicated a voter shift toward their party. They should calm themselves down. The results don’t show this and, in fact, suggest some rather daunting challenges for the Republicans.

And what might those challenges be? I don’t see any of those listed in this comical delusion. Maybe you forgot to add that list?

Well maybe Mr.Teixeira meant that Republicans might have a bit of an ideology problem. He did somewhat allude to this:

If any repudiation is going on, perhaps it is of the conservative wing of the Republican Party. Democrats captured New York’s 23rd Congressional District for the first time since 1872, as Bill Owens defeated Doug Hoffman, the hard-line conservative who forced a moderate Republican out of the race. Mr. Hoffman’s narrow defeat is now likely to embolden conservatives — who far outnumber moderates in the party — to challenge Republican incumbents they find ideologically impure.

That will be a problem for those in the party seeking to emulate the electoral strategies of Bob McDonnell in Virginia and Chris Christie in New Jersey. Those men sought to cover up the conservatism of their views in many areas. That was relatively easy to do in governors’ races in an off-year election. It will be harder for candidates to do in national elections in 2010 and especially 2012.

If you had no clue about ideological demographics this might actually make some sense. Here on Earth, however, reality isn’t quite so linear.

First, if there is a conservative uprising (and I agree there is) it won’t be limited to Republican conservatives. No sir, Ruy. Even Democrat conservatives aren’t safe. Half of all conservatives are registered independents and there are alot of us. According to exit polls we independents aren’t too happy with the Democrats. So if there were some “conservative repudiation” as he suggests, then what makes you think the Democrat party is immune to it’s effects? It’s liberal elitist arrogance. That’s what makes him so obstinate.

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, he seems to be suffering from the same disease other out-of-touch personalities have. Scozzafava was no moderate. She was a flaming liberal. She was more to the left than the Democrat was and to be honest, most of us conservatives are just fine with a moderate like Owens. Because we “uneducated rednecks” understand principles are more important than party affiliation. We understand that to be a moderate, you actually have to act like one. What we have a problem with is the lack of representation we have received the last 2 decades. I know it’s hard for you to understand, being a foot soldier for George Soros and all, but the center of the American political spectrum is far closer to conservatism than moonbat ass-hattery liberalism.

So now we know there are no actual “daunting challenges” presented in your controversion of fact and logic, let’s continue:

Start with the predictive value of the Virginia and New Jersey victories: there is none. Sometimes the party that wins both those governorships gains seats in the next Congressional election; sometimes that party loses seats. Far more consequential is the historical pattern that the new president’s party tends to lose seats in the first midterm election. Once that is taken into account, as the political scientist Alan Abramowitz of Emory University has shown, victories in Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial races tell you nothing about who will gain seats in 2010 or how large that gain will be.

Excellent. So he mentions Mr.Abramowitz and now we have one liberal “erudite” attempting validate his nonsensical gibberish by citing incongruous jargon, written by another alleged expert. Maybe afterwards they can give each other a Nobel Prize in self-affirmation. What I find most interesting about this particular excerpt, is the complete spin he put on what Abramowitz actually said.

We already know that 2010 will be a midterm election year. That means that there is a very high probability that Democrats will lose seats in the House of Representatives and a better than even chance that they will lose seats in the Senate as well. The tendency of the president’s party to lose seats in Congress, especially in the House of Representatives, is one of the best known regularities in American politics.

Somehow, that’s not the same message I got from Mr.Teixeira’s op-ed. Since I respect Mr.Abramowitz’s opinion far more than a jack boot Soros minion, I’ll defer to his judgement. I could go on, but I think that says it all.

Knowing there is no reasonable explanation for posting this prattle of yours, Mr.Teixeira, normally I would question your motives. Except I just don’t think you needed a motive. You had your marching orders…


Emperor Zurg

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  1. November 7, 2009 at 2:33 am

    Good points my friend! I think Ruy found himself a spin cycle and as you pointed out, post-election polling tells us that even many NJ and VA Democrats supported Christie, McDonnell, et al. because they were not happy with Obama ramming his uber-liberal agenda down our gullets.

    Kim Strassel pointed out in the WSJ today that this should make several VA House Democrats very nervous and consequently, cause them to oppose Obama’s “reforms” to save their own jobs.

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